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We have been using Young Living essential oils several years now.  I use them EVERY day but especially when we travel!! Here is  how a typical trip with oils in tote goes down….

A couple of weeks prior to traveling it is good to get the ole immune system in check. Young Living’s Life 5 probiotics helps your body to have healthy gut floura, which is essential as 70-80% of our bodies immunity resides in the gut! Thieves vitality oil blend is comprised of Clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary, and lemon.  All of these amazing oils work synergistically to form a blend that may help support the normal and already well immune system.

Speaking of thieves, I do not leave home without my spray bottle of thieves spray which I use to spray #allthedoorsurfaces whether that’s handles, toilets, switch plates-any and all frequently touched surfaces are sprayed as SOON as we enter the hotel room.  Who knows if they were properly sanitized and who just checked out earlier that day.  The spray is comprised of thieves oil and pure grain alcohol and water, works great for hands, table tops and rides too!

Most of us have to either drive or fly long distances before we can travel the world over.  Peppermint oil is our GO TO oil to promote staying alert on long car rides and freshen us up when we need to get out and walk around and eat.  One drop of peppermint vitality oil to the roof of the mouth helps refresh! More than once we have used Digize vitality oil with success while on long, winding roads or stop and go traffic.  SO soothing to the tummy! Once you get IN the world, that little bottle of peppermint can help you the morning after you had a little too much late night fun in the park.  I’m talking about the kind where you make it out of magic kingdom each carrying a kid while pushing a stroller and attempting to get on the monorail or boat with 50,000 of your closest fellow mouse lovers! Then you wake up for an early morning breakfast at Chef Mickeys.  Peppermint in the diffuser while you are taking your shower is the way to go. Just trust me. You will thank me later. Peppermint or Digize vitality oil work wonders to soothe a tummy that over indulged the breakfast bar but later has to race to open the park! It also feels AMA-zing when it is 150 degrees out and you want a little minty icy feeling on the back of your neck.

On the note of racing to open the park…I can not be the only one who has had a pain or two come on while running to make the fast pass time on the other side of the kingdom.  Or maybe that low dull ache that takes place while you are standing in line for Winnie the Pooh for an hour? That’s when you whip out Young Living’s Cool Azul Pain cream and wallah…minty fresh goodness all over your problem points.  Everyone around you will be begging for some because it smells so refreshing.  And hey, if you get lost in the crowd, your husband and kids can follow their nose to find YOU.  I think that beats the alternative.;)

Ahhh, most times of the year we need a good repellent at the park and pool.  Mixing citronella oil and water in a small travel size spray bottle you pack once you get to your destination makes outdoor annoyance repellent! The typical trial size spray bottle with 5-7 drops and the rest water is perfect. Shake and spray! Be careful to avoid eyes and make sure to spray the stroller and the babies clothes and not the baby. There is a travel diffuser that works with batteries that would be handy to carry along with you and even put citronella in and have on the stroller.;)

We LOVE lavender on our faces and shoulders, okay all over.   Lavender neat a couple of times before bed and the next day upon waking seems to be helpful aromatherapy for calming. This has been one of our best kept secrets for really relaxing and enjoying fun in the sun.. together.

We always make sure to keep hydrated!!! Lemon vitality oil in glass or stainless water bottles helps the water taste better and proper hydration can facilitate faster expelling of toxins and even of foods your body isn’t used to eating, which for many is definitely usually off a natural foods only diet when on vacation.

What about oils that promote calm,  less anxious, peaceful responses from us parents AND from the kids? It can be hard to please everyone, especially once sleep deprivation sets in. Peace and calming, stress away, joy, and valor…all are from the premium starter kit, yes please, pass them over.

What other things come in handy? Well, at certain points something for “head and neck discomfort” is helpful…like the 10th time you ride the mine cars ’cause you decided to be that family that didn’t watch the night show/parade for the 100th time.  For “head discomfort”,  try the Cool Azul Pain cream!!

Hopefully “Mother nature” doesn’t come knocking while you are on vacation, but as luck would always have it when I am on vacation, it has happened to me more times than not.  The last time I was in “the Kingdom”, it happened.  I use more lavender on my lower abdomen.  Dragon time is a blend that a lot of women like to use topically as well.  Add some Cool Azul Pain cream on top and you are ready to go!  If you want to be a lot more Cinderella and a whole lot less wicked stepsister, this is for you.  ;)

Did I really just cover that?  I guess I did.  Since we went ahead and went there, I hope you have little musketeers all nestled snuggly in their room so that you can enjoy at least one night of cuddle time with your spouse.  A little Shutran and sensation oil and you and your spouse will both smell amazing and be even more attracted to each other…and YES, it works but please don’t ask for all the details.

Increasing your Ningxia red drink intake and taking nitro can be very helpful to keep you going after a lot of late nights in the ummmm park.

Hope you have gotten  lots of ideas for oiling around the world!!

It’s an oily world …after all!


Get equipped for your next dream vacation…go  HERE to check out the Premium starter kit, it covers almost all the oils we talked about today, comes with ELEVEN oils, a home diffuser, and a membership much like Costco or Sams where you can order anything you want at 24% off for only $160!!!  Psssst…..if you aren’t yet a member, the prices with Young Living will be retail.  24% more to be exact. You DON’T want that!  If you aren’t already working with someone, I would be happy to help you get started so you can get the wholesale prices.   If you are already taking classes or getting samples or orders from someone, please go back to them and let them know you are ready to get started.  :)

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