Not Your Mama’s No Bakes


I know, I know, you are skeptical, right? How could one possibly make a tasty, healthy version of the tried and true traditional no bake cookie? And WHY would one even want to alter such an awesome recipe? Let's say you want to enjoy delicious no bakes without feeling like you are as high as a kite from the sugar, and hanging out on the couch for an hour after. Or maybe you are looking for a healthier "splurge" for your kids, or you have a dairy allergy.  

This recipe has been a tradition in both Verick and I's family for several decades.  In fact, for years, and before Verick made over the recipe, there was a little bit of an argument as to what we would call the name of them.  Back where I come from, these are my "Nanny's cookies."   My Nanny could whip up a batch of no bakes like it was nobodies business.  Finger cake too..and the homemade fudge icing that she would pour over the top of that cake with the finger holes, mmmm mmmm.  I am pretty sure if I could choose for one time to have any dessert, despite my food allergies and diet, I would choose finger cake.  But I digress…NO BAKE COOKIES are what we are talking about here, and a healthier version at that! (MUST STOP thinking about finger cake…I know, the name throws you, right? It is a Southern thing!

Where was I? Ahhhhhh, finger cake, I mean No bakes.  Yes, no bakes.  My Nanny's No Bake cookies. A time honored tradition, and no offense to my sweet hubby and his family, and the fact that they too have the tradition of making these cookies, and they dubbed them, "Vickie's cookies", but for my whole life they have been my Nanny's creation and as a child, I was pretty sure that my Saint of a Nanny made them up and was the sole proprietor of the no bake cookie recipe.  You can be sure my horror when I went to whip them up for my hubby in our honeymoon phase, and he told me I was making "Vickie's cookies." Pretty sure I looked at him with my sweetest new wife smile and said in my best Southern drawl, "Oh, no, no, no, hubby…these are Nanny's cookies, whatever do you speak of?"  It didn't work.  He continued to call them, "Vickie's cookies", and I continued to reassure the children that they were also "Nanny's cookies", but I once again digress.  

By now, I'll bet you are ready for the recipe, right?  

Not Your Mama's No Bakes

1/2 cp unsweetened, natural Peanut butter

1/2 cp Organic, extra virgin Coconut oil

1/2 cp cacoa

1/2 cp Blue Agave (we use agave sparingly, this recipe does best with half honey, half agave)

1/2 cp local raw Honey

1/2 cp Pure Almond Milk 

1 tsp vanilla

1 1/2 cp rolled oats (we use gluten free)

1 cup quick oats

Bring honey, agave,  milk, vanilla, cacoa, and coconut oil to a simmer, stirring rapidly.  Remove from heat and add peanut butter.   (You can make peanut butter ones only by holding off on the cacoa.)  Stir in oats.

 These do not set as easily as the regular no bakes, so you can freeze or refrigerate the dough for a little bit after you drop them onto wax paper. This helps them solidify.  OUR favorite way to eat them on both sides of the family, is with a spoon hot off the press!  ENJOY!!!

Now we can forget we ever had that little name snafu, huh?  We will just call them, "Not your Mama's No Bakes."  Not to confuse you, but once a year at least, these are called, "Rookie's Cookie's."  Go here to read more about this long standing tradition.

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