The power of the Red


There’s not much that can come between me and my Ningxia Red. I’m pretty sure they would have to pry it out of my hands if it didn’t pass the airport security line, just saying. Either that or I would make them wait until all those standing in line with me consumed all my pouches because I would not let it be tossed in the garbage! WHY is this drink so important to me and my family? I’ll hit the highlights. ¬†With just 2 oz a day, you are probably thinking what good could that possibly do? You might even be skeptical. Hundreds of thousands all over the world have found themselves hopelessly addicted to the taste and benefits of Ningxia.

“I don’t know what you’re doing but the only other person who has scored higher than you on their antioxidant level is a guy who juices for a living. Your levels are off the charts!” the Dr. said.

I was excited to tell him that day that I drink Ningxia Red, a yummy drink with the highest antioxidants of any other drink on the market. I don’t have to go through the rigors of juicing!! I just drink a shot of 2-3 oz of Ningxia daily. Compared to the expense and time associated with juicing for a family of six, Ningxia SAVES me time and money!!!

Not convinced yet? That’s okay. I understand. The proof IS in the pudding. I know that most people start off VERY skeptical until they themselves have an amazing testimony. So, I get that!! I know that 30-60 days of this powerhouse is going to rock your world and support all your bodily systems. I could bore you with all the scientific details of why…but I will leave you with this one tidbit of why increasing your antioxidants are SO important, especially this day in time. We all have free radicals in our body. It’s so important to decrease them. Do a little google research as to why. Do you know what becomes like a pac man to cancel out free radicals? ANTIOXIDANTS!!!! You can sit and eat countless fruits and veggies a day and still not come close to getting what Ningxia provides in way of antioxidants. Juicing is time consuming, messy, costly, not conducive to travel or a busy day, and can spike your sugars, unlike Ningxia. I’ll take an easy pouch or pour into a shot glass once a day, thank you very much!!!


Ready to take a shot at the best antioxidant drink on the market? Awesome!! We are ready to help! Talk to you soon!!


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