The Art of a Momcation


So, I have a little secret.  Shhhh..lean in close. Listen, I hope you don’t judge, but the last few years I found the KEY to being a way better mom and it isn’t at all what you think.  It isn’t  found in working harder at it or reading more parenting books like when my olders were all little.  There isn’t even a formula.  No, it is TOTALLY unconventional and may I say it would fly in the face of  those who have to have perfect attendance at every SINGLE event and nose wiping of their child in order to be “mom of the year” amongst their peers and at their childrens school activities.  I may be a work from home momprenueur of a homeschool family but I have figured out after almost sixteen years of motherhood that I HAVE to have a touch of alone time in order to recharge and be nice.  I’m not the only one who believes firmly in this practice, so do my kids and so does my rock star stay at home homeschool dadprenuer hubster.  EVERYONE concurs that when mama comes home from a trip slap happy, everyone is happy.  Hey, I LOVE taking my children along on business trips and vacations.  We do it often.  But there are times where a few days alone is JUST what the Dr ordered and I will gladly concede, my own kombucha supply in tow and all.

It doesn’t have to be a five star vacation.  Often times it could just be one to two nights at a local hotel, though there is nothing like sitting on the beach with a new book in hand and only the sound of seagulls, the waves and someone else’s kids in the distance.  I slightly smile to myself thinking about the vegan chocolate organic pie I will have in bed after a long hot soak in an epsom bath later that night, again with book in hand.

Yes, my friends there IS a need for a momcation even if you have to send your family out the door and lock yourself up in your bedroom with all the necessary supplies and the occasional texts to “bring food”.  I warn you if you try to do a stay at home momcation you must do yourself a solid(favor) and refuse to clean or organize your closet and drawers.  This is time for you to read, listen, press in, relax, and recharge. This is time to get refueled so you can go back out that door and not yell at someone for spilling the milk or not flushing the toilet (again).

I may LOVE being a mom of four here at the homestead but I HAVE to have some time of rest away from all the goings on and the business.  Recently I made the choice to stay a couple of extra nights at the beach after our family vacation.  Because I have done this sort of thing before I wasn’t at all worried or hesitant about it.  I slipped my mom hat off and enjoyed every moment of my free time with only feeling guilty once when finding out my family got stuck on an unplanned layover overnight due to weather.  I had just a smidgen of guilt but it quickly passed.  My amazing hubby had the patience of Job and took it like a champ, garnering the last room to himself at a nearby hotel and bedded everyone down for about five hours of sleep before waking to do it ALL over again the next morning.

So what kind of supplies would one need for this momcation? Here are just a few ideas.  If you have a favorite treat, fruit, snack or drink, go ahead and pack you a mini cooler.  Do you journal? Bring your journal and pens/pencil.  Do you color? Bring your coloring book and colored pencils/markers.  Reading is a MUST.   How about a new book or better yet the kindle app with SEVERAL new books you can binge on? Just make sure it is building you up and is positive!! You may want to take your exercise clothes and go for a walk or run.  After an amazing epsom bath there is nothing like getting into some cozy jammies and staying in for the night. With my Young Living oils in the diffuser, and a Bible study in hand, I’m good to go until the next day!

What kinds of things should you not take with you? WORK! I repeat do not take work with you! You will be frustrated afterwards for taking the time away and not getting recharged.  If you have a family member or friend you minister to that you need to rest and recharge from, that is ok and necessary  at times. Just make sure that you let them know you are going to be “largely offline.”  This helps them understand your need to set your phone aside.

If you don’t have a hubby to bless you with this, consider praying for someone to step up and give you a reprieve.  Maybe ask a sibling or parent if for mothers day they would give you the gift of a rest sometime in the near future?

Have an epic Mother’s day!!!!!! Don’t forget to practice the art of momcation!!!!!!



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