Marathon for Justice


Every morning when I run, I get to choose the path that I take. With that I am reminded that every morning when I run, there are those still enslaved who make no decisions for themselves.

Slavery is at an all time high; more than any other time in history.

The numbers are staggering…and when talking about human trafficking and slavery, we aren’t just talking about third world countries.  We aren’t just staring at statistics and reading stories about women and children.  Both men and women as young as in the womb and as old as the elderly, all over the world are enslaved.

Crystal and I have been working to raise awareness and funds for over a year.  Last July she hosted an online auction that raised over $11K in one weekend!  We share briefly at the end of many of our Young Living events the causes that we feel called to.    This time I felt in my heart I was to run a marathon and ask for $1 support from 100,000 people.   I wanted it to be something everyone felt they could help with.  Because truly we can all do something small and it make a HUGE impact when we pull together.

Please join me in this fight….I am asking for only $1 and have raised over 16K.  I would love to see people give from all over the world.  Together we can all make a difference to raise awareness and to rescue those in the bonds of slavery.

Thank you,

Verick Burchfield

The link to give:

UPDATED TO SAY: WE MET OUR GOAL!!!!!!!!!!! Ove $74K raised and a  Young Living Foundation partnership to fund the Shine School!!!!!!! PRAISE GOD!!! Thank you to all who gave and shared with others!!! Let’s continue to fight for freedom!!!!!!!!

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