Horse Tales with Hannah

Hi! I’m Hannah-Kathryn Burchfield.  I’ve been riding horses for almost two years now and I enjoy every bit of it! I’ve always loved horses; they’re such majestic creatures and I enjoy every moment of riding. I started out a couple of years ago when I went to a summer riding camp and I had so much fun! Up to that point, I hadn’t taken lessons in a few years.  Anyone can ride a horse with lots of training and hard work.:)

Here’s a little interview I did to let you know more.

Your favorite things to do at the barn: riding, of course, mucking stalls and grooming!

Your favorite tricks or skills:   jumping and flat work.

Tell the readers about how you got into riding.:  I saw a flyer for a summer camp and asked my parents if I could start lessons.

What is your best memory of you riding?: My first time riding my horse Phippen.  I felt an instant connection.

Unique qualities of Phippen? He nods his head like he knows what you’re saying.  He is so calm.  He LOVES peppermint oil.

Fun books or magazines for equestrians: The Plaid Horse Magazine, Heels Down Magazine, Heartland series and Practical Horsemen.

Your riding goals for 2016: To be able to form bond with my new horse and to feel confident at horse shows this year.

What are your long term goals with riding? I want to continue advancing and learning.  I want to become a trainer that is a good influence to all my riders.  My biggest dream is to ride in the Grand Prix.

Any other interesting tidbits of information you’d like to share? I started writing a book of tips for young equestrians.  I am also sharing my experience with my new horse Phippen.  I am hoping to have him here with me in Missouri soon!




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