Green Cleaning with Thieves

I’m not talking about cleaning with people who steal…but instead a bottle of amazing smelling goodness that cleans all surfaces-

Naturally….and inexpensively!!!

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If you are still cleaning with chemicals, can we have a little chat? No judging! I promise!!! I just want to make sure you know there is a less expensive and greener way to clean that SMELLS so good you’ll WANT to clean.

I honestly had no idea how life changing this bottle of Thieves cleaner would be for us. Wow. To think that seven years ago someone gifted us with a bottle and we HAD NO IDEA our destiny was right under our nose, literally, and it would take YEARS more to walk into it and become members of Young Living. But anyways, back to the cleaner.  So, we used to compromise our lungs every time we cleaned. Fun times! It was so bad that when I was pregnant, V had to do the cleaning…what a man! (Sorry for the poisoning hon!) If you can’t clean with something when you are pregnant OR without wearing gloves, a mask, opening a window, AND not going in the room for an hour…I ask, WHY oh WHY? Why are we still doing this in America?! Most of our cleaning agents have been BANNED in Europe. And please, please…I tried the vinegar and water…it STINKS. Rotten eggs smell for daysssss. Nope, I don’t even care to hear how you make a dainty cleaner with essential oils, I love them, you know I do..but give me this ONE bottle and a spray bottle and I will show you ONE cleaner that works for it all and it’s inexpensive to boot.

Floors, windows, glass, counters, toilets, showers, baths, upholstery, stain removal…you name it…and the WHOLE house smells like Thieves? No brainer! AT only $22.50 wholesale when it ISN’T on sale this bottle is a steal! Did I mention this ONE bottle makes FOURTEEN 30 oz spray bottles of cleaner if you dilute 30/1 for all purpose cleaning? 

I know a few of you aren’t on the OILY wagon yet, and I’m okay with that, you aren’t wanting to be a member, you just want to try this bad boy and see what the deal is. Sooooo, until the end of the month you get to try it at 10% off and I will have it mailed to you. Yep! It’s easy. And when you fall in love with the smell and the efficiency of ONE cleaner that works for ALL, we have a WHOLE line of AMAZING Thieves products to try including the BEST laundry detergent EVER!!!!! 

Here’s the fun part!!!!! STAY WITH ME…

The FIRST FIVE that email  me to order and get started with THIEVES cleaner will be getting a Thieves sampler goodie bag!!!!!!!!
(*Must not be a member of Young Living to receive the sampler bag from me. If you ARE a member and have NEVER tried Thieves cleaner…today is YOUR day!!!!! Hop on your account and get yourself some with the Wholesale price!!!!!! You will NOT regret it!!!)  

Let’s do this!!!!!! YOU CAN make ONE change that will help you and everyone in your house in 2016 EASILY!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s time for using THIEVES!

If you’re ready to get started with a Thieves Premium Starter Membership Kit…click HERE.

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