Dual purpose DIY natural Cover Scent


A cover scent that  doesn’t have a warning label   but performs well in the woods????

My hubby made this kick butt blend in a spray bottle using oils of pine, vetiver, myrrh, Idaho Balsam Fir, and Cedarwood.

The best part? He SMELLED amazing… like the woods not deer urine.  I know, I know…just the facts, right?   Did it work?

YES.  First try!

Was it Monster Buck this time?

No…this time it wasn’t, but with my inherited taste for venison, I was one happy Mama when Daddy

went a huntin’ in the back and in less than an hour had secured our deer meat for future feasts.

Best part? Late that night after he came in and got showered off, he smelled awesome.

I can’t say that for the other stuff he used to use.

Dual purpose, I say.  #gottatryit  ;)


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