A Tale of Two Coops


There are just some things this Southern girl dreams of and a creme de la creme chicken coop happens to be one of them. Ironic, considering I am allergic to eggs at present.  I have wanted chickens and a cute little coop since I stepped foot on the hill the day we found it.  Or did it find us? It seemed to be kismet that fateful day when we pulled up the driveway and walked through the house and around the property.  There was only one thing missing.  The perfect coop.  Though at the time, I wouldn’t have used it.  Somehow I pictured myself in a long, flowing skirt with a bucket of feed and chickens at my feet.  I think suburbia had gotten to this country girl.
Here I am a year and half later, chomping at the bit for chickens and the perfect coop.  My friend Jordan purchased some chicks for  me and some for her and we decided to wait until our vacation was over to buy them from her.  A few weeks ago I was deemed chicken sitter when they went out of town.  To be honest, I was thrilled to help, and as I suited up in my rubber boots and gloves after I pulled up to their house I got a little giddy.  She had already shown me what to do and now was time to see if I could scoop the food and refill the water.  It was a hard job.;)I somehow managed to take a few pictures of her state of the art coop, in between feeding the chickens, cats, and dogs and salivating over the coop.  Ah. This is the life.  What a coop, too!


All the bells and whistles with the most handy little door to pull down and grab the eggs that were soon to come.  I imagined how beautiful this coop would look in my backyard and how much fun it would be opening that little door and reaching in to grab the eggs.  I am all about organization.  I sent some of the pics to Verick via text.  Told him we too could have a coop like this.   Hubby thought I was kidding. The next couple of days, hubby was working on building our coop and I kept thinking maybe he would change his mind.  Take the easy route, order that little beaut of a coop.  To no avail, he was focused and happy to build that coop with $250 of materials in the corner of our barn.  I have to say, I started to swell with pride that he was building this, and from his own design.  A little here and a little there, over the course of four days, a coop was born.  He raised that coop in the corner of the barn, complete with a door leading to an outdoor pen.  He poured concrete around the edges of the barn and bottom of the outdoor pen to keep critters out.

IMG_0179 IMG_0181

Slowly, I began to let go of the need for a perfect, cute little coop.  But isn’t that how life is? We dream big, nothing wrong with that. But then we have a choice to be content with what we are given, and grow to love it more and more each day.  One day we realize we are not just content, but satisfied.  Thankful.  We decide we wouldn’t want it any other way.
What about you? Do you have a deep seated desire for that perfect Pinterest coop, garden, hobby room, garage, school room, mud room, kitchen?  We would love to hear about it! Check out our facebook page, Homestead on The Hill!


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