Cleaning Up Christmas

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I know what you are thinking….why not just splurge on those age old, timeless tradition recipes each year?

Does anyone easily hop back on the health wagon after  THREE to FOUR WHOLE WEEKS of falling off?????

It is sooo much easier on your family to makeover those recipes!! Guess what? They don’t taste bad either!!!

The recipes I am sharing with you today are KID, DAD, and Santa approved!! Rudolph only eats carrots…so we didn’t consult him.

Because we feel confident that you are going to LOVE these recipes, we want you to share!! Sharing is caring.;) We are  giving away a FREE peppermint oil (total prize WORTH $30) to one lucky winner who shares the blog post on some form of social media and comments here!!!

We’re putting our recipes where our mouth are!!

First up…I have ALWAYS loved Church Window Cookies!! I set about to make a healthier version!! These MADE OVER no bake cookies are easy to make and have few ingredients!! You can make them completely nut free and they are dairy and gluten free.  Aren’t they “perty”?


Cleaning up Christmas one traditional junk food recipe at a time! #homesteadonthehill

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Let’s get down to the quick nitty gritty on how to make these bad boys…I can tell you they will go FAST so good thing they make over 2 dozen!!  We start with melting Enjoy Life Chocolate chips…these are free of the top allergans, including gluten, dairy, soy, and nuts…but you wouldn’t know it!! They are addicting, and not technically the best thing for your eat them sparingly.  (Just ask me!!)

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Then, add in your Earth balance vegan butter and stir over medium heat until melted.  Take care to stir often and not  let these ingredients burn. Fold in your marshmallows (we used a gluten free version from Whole foods) calls for colored marshmallows to make the “stained glass” look..but we opted for no food coloring. If you are not nut free, add chopped nuts of choice here as well.   Take parchment paper and place it in a rectangular baking dish.  Pour half the mixture onto the paper and fold to shape and form a log even around.  Set aside and repeat for the second log.    

About to go in fridge before cutting #oldtraditionmadeover #healthierchurchwindows #oolafamily

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Set both papers with logs inside to the side and put unsweetened coconut in the pyrex dish.  Work with one log at a time coating it evenly on all sides with coconut and place the logs in the dish and in the fridge for about 45 minutes or so.

About to cut them! #cleaningupchristmas coming soon to

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When hardened, cut slices.  Depending on size of slices you will have at least 2 dozen, possibly more windows!! Keep in a container up to 5 days!! These make great gifts IF they make it out of the house!!   

Jazz up this recipe with ONE DROP of peppermint oil in the chocolate mixture after it has cooled off just a little right before folding in marshmallows!! YUM!!
Need peppermint oil? You can order through me by emailing…or talk with us about becoming a member so you can order at wholesale, like Sams or Costco.

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