Christmas with Young Living–Guy edition

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There are very few things that you could get a guy for Christmas these days that they actually NEED and that could potentially be a game changer for them in many ways.  Take my debate over what to get my dear Father in law two years ago.  I wrestled with it and finally decided upon a roller bottle of Deep Relief oil.   I knew it would be handy for him to open the top, roll directly onto the area he wanted to “soothe” and the chances of it getting used were a little slim, in my opinion, but I figured at least it takes a while if not forever for Young Living oils  to expire, so what did I have to lose? Besides, my mother in law could always fish it out of a drawer and use it herself.  Fast forward a couple months later and he shared how he used the oil before running a half marathon at the end of one of my classes, unsolicited.  It’s the little things.

Roll ons are perfect gifts for those just starting out with oils.

I love giving them as gifts. All the person has to do is take the top off and roll. Stress away, tranquil, deep relief, breathe again…any of those rollers would be something totally worth it and I guarantee you is WAY more useful than a tie or sweater.

USB-Orb-Diffuser-2014Meet THE ORB…a funny little diffuser that is PERFECT to fit in the car coaster or on a desk and plugs into usb!!

Let’s face it, guys like gadgets, and the orb or travel diffuser for his office or car could help him keep the germs at bay, help him stay more alert and attentive to driving or tasks, and let’s face it, guys like smells.  I mean, why else in Junior high and high school would they hold the notorious fart contests? At least with these diffusers the smell is something that will bring people out of their cubicles to see what smells GOOD, not what singed their nose hairs.  If you want to go BIG the home diffuser is 10% off in November (use item 9923 when ordering for the discount.)


What guy wouldn’t love a massage from his woman for Christmas?

Wrap up a box of his favorite treat, the raindrop massage kit OR Orthoease massage oil, this vitassage massager to put the oils in for ease of application and maybe a gift certificate for a before or after massage activity.  Want to be irresistable magnets for each other? Shutran is an amazing oil blend with an UNREAL AMA-ZING! intoxicatingly magnetic scent.  If you don’t believe me, slip it into his stocking for Christmas and see what happens by New Years eve. Did I totally just go there? YES, yes I did.  Yet again.

Looking for just a stocking stuffer for your stud?? Ningxia red and Nitro are the perfect healthy alternative!!

Nitrographic Have fun treating the men in your life to a Christmas that keeps on giving!!!

Here are the specials this month you can get when you place your order!!!

Note that the diffuser code has been changed to 9923


Psssst…..if you aren’t yet a member, the prices you will see online with Young Living will be  retail.  24% more to be exact. You DON’T want that!  If you aren’t already working with someone, I would be happy to help you get started so you can get the wholesale prices.    :)   Go here for more information.

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