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Christmas with Young Living–Guy edition

There are very few things that you could get a guy

Oiling Around the World

We have been using Young Living essential oils

The Beauty and Tragedy of a Seed

Every farmer has great expectations for the

Homemade Peppermint Patties

Today I am going to share with you a recipe for

DIY all natural Scented Pinecones

I can almost smell these!! If you’re like me

Safe In Papa’s Arms Part 2 I could hardly believe the

So, you Homeschool?

Typically this is how a conversation goes with a

Against The Wind

Spring 2013 Hi! Verick here…I was out running

“Dave” In Real Life

Verick here. Have you guys ever seen the Steve


There it was, beached.  Helplessly lying on

Sweet Summer Time on the Hill

Whomever coined the phrase, “Summer time

60 Second Jam

Who wouldn't want to blend up a small

Hannah’s Protein Shake

I'm in gymnastics and after a long

Be Careful What You Feed ‘Em

Back in early May we went out of town and left our

Choffy Time Smoothie

This morning it was a Choffy kind of day.  I was