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Empowered Health KC Event and Iron Cowboy 5K

Kansas City:  We are so excited to host THE Iron

Right on Time

I might should have listened more closely to the

High Roaders Straight Ahead

High roaders…. I’ve been reading through

The Beauty and Tragedy of a Seed

Every farmer has great expectations for the

Safe In Papa’s Arms Part 2 I could hardly believe the

Against The Wind

Spring 2013 Hi! Verick here…I was out running


There it was, beached.  Helplessly lying on

Cookies and Rookies

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year.

Fire and Beans

This past winter, I got the phone call that

Welcome to Homestead on the Hill Blog!!

Welcome to our little corner of the world and web. 

Ole Steady Dog

Ole Steady Dog. That's what I say to my