What’s Buzzing at the Homestead Video


We can't wait to show you our first behind the scenes video of Verick working with the "Homestead hive".  We have an even better one we will post this weekend that is longer and more detailed and a little more professional.  Enjoy this teaser and be sure to subscribe to the blog so you don't miss the 11 minute video to come!! A couple of bees attack the camera at the end of that one!

Consider sharing with your friends and check out our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/ourhomesteadonthehill  and click like.  Look for the next video around Saturday afternoon! Kids and bee enthusiasts alike will LOVE all the details and you can even hear the bees!! If you are afraid of bees, strap yourself to a chair and wince your way through. lol  Verick, our own Homestead beekeeper explains all the details of what he is doing and why.  

Click here to see inside the hive!!!! Please note that we have no say so in the videos youtube displays alongside ours, unfortunately.  Our channel is on safe mode but there are still some questionable looking videos that pop up.  

If you missed the first two parts of our series, "The Making of A Beekeeper", check them out here  and here.

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