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There’s not much that can come between me and my Ningxia Red. I’m pretty sure they would have to pry it out of my hands if it didn’t pass the airport security line, just saying. Either that or I would make them wait until all those standing in line with me consumed all my pouches because I would not let it be tossed in the garbage! WHY is this drink so important to me and my family? I’ll hit the highlights.  With just 2 oz a day, you are probably thinking what good could that possibly do? You might even be skeptical. Hundreds of thousands all over the world have found themselves hopelessly addicted to the taste and benefits of Ningxia.

“I don’t know what you’re doing but the only other person who has scored higher than you on their antioxidant level is a guy who juices for a living. Your levels are off the charts!” the Dr. said.

I was excited to tell him that day that I drink Ningxia Red, a yummy drink with the highest antioxidants of any other drink on the market. I don’t have to go through the rigors of juicing!! I just drink a shot of 2-3 oz of Ningxia daily. Compared to the expense and time associated with juicing for a family of six, Ningxia SAVES me time and money!!!

Not convinced yet? That’s okay. I understand. The proof IS in the pudding. I know that most people start off VERY skeptical until they themselves have an amazing testimony. So, I get that!! I know that 30-60 days of this powerhouse is going to rock your world and support all your bodily systems. I could bore you with all the scientific details of why…but I will leave you with this one tidbit of why increasing your antioxidants are SO important, especially this day in time. We all have free radicals in our body. It’s so important to decrease them. Do a little google research as to why. Do you know what becomes like a pac man to cancel out free radicals? ANTIOXIDANTS!!!! You can sit and eat countless fruits and veggies a day and still not come close to getting what Ningxia provides in way of antioxidants. Juicing is time consuming, messy, costly, not conducive to travel or a busy day, and can spike your sugars, unlike Ningxia. I’ll take an easy pouch or pour into a shot glass once a day, thank you very much!!!


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My Wellness Journey

In part two of our Back to School series I want to start by sharing our family wellness story. It goes back to 2007 when we were eating a traditional junk food diet of just about whatever we wanted. Breads, cakes, sodas, chips, casseroles laden with high sodium cream of chicken soup and of course topped with cracker crumbs and grated cheese. And yes…donuts with sprinkles, we served donuts of all kinds at every college bible study we hosted at the University of Alabama.  Get your Jesus and donuts on Friday night.

donutIt was our ice breaker and little did we know that all the food we ate at church fellowships and bible studies and to be honest at home day in and day out was wreaking havoc on our health. Back then we didn’t have any health goals, other than my youngest son and I being healed.  We desperately needed healing.  Little did we know our prayers would be answered and our lives would be turned upside down.


In February 2008, we made a trip out to Kansas City where my son and I were both misdiagnosed with multiple things..and we started intensive therapy/treatment for it, his by proxy and mine was right there at the treatment center 6.5-7 hours a day, every day of the week. Twelve hours away from my family and my home.  This led to issues with my bone marrow and to say I was in need of a miracle would be an understatement. I was desperate.  Thankfully just in the NICK of time, my Christmas miracle came.  Yes, it was right after Christmas on January 5th, 2009 to be exact, but it happened in HIS timing and I felt a heat come over my body during praise and prayer and I knew I had just been healed miraculously!! The lab work the next day reflected the healing and the oncologist was astounded. I was released from the cancer center and from having to have a bone marrow biopsy to prove I needed to have a transplant. What transpired AFTER all this was a journey of learning one step at a time what health is. God poured His wisdom out and has been so patient as we walk it out in baby steps.


A friend gave me a bottle of Thieves cleaner around 8 years ago and not only did we LOVE the results for everything we tried it on but we loved the smell! I still had no idea who Young Living was as a company. So fast forward another year and half or so when we started using Thieves oil in a diffuser, I just couldn’t get enough of the amazing smell of Thieves!!  Again still not as a member, we had NO idea the options or benefits! It wasn’t until the summer of 2011 that I found myself at a complete strangers home (now my dear friend and enroller/sponsor, Jeanne Schloesser) learning all about the premium starter kit. I was all over it! Of course, my hubs who ran an emergency room wasn’t keen on me using the oils topically, so he let me know that I could use them on me but not he and the kids.  Over time though, the oils became a mainstay in our home and daily life and he conceded as he himself could see that there was something to it. It’s important to note, our son asked for prayer faithfully and he did in fact receive a healing. God is so amazing. We had made lots of changes to our home, including cleaning, nutrition, and trying to incorporate exercise into our daily life. We were doing our part and the Lord was so kind to us to walk us through step by step.

The first part of our wellness journey  was Thieves cleaner! I love helping people understand the reason why it is SO important to stop using traditional cleaners that have toxic lung and mucous membrane irritants, as well as all the other health hazards they pose. The hit we take when we are in contact with these toxic chemicals, much of which is banned in Europe, is something no one seems to think about.  It’s important to use something else.

Ditch & Switch to Thieves

Not only do you get the fun of tossing all those chemical laden bottles of cleaner that are taking up precious space all over your house, you get the satisfaction of replacing it with just ONE bottle of cleaner!!! Seriously the easiest decision EVER! Then your house smells a-mazing!!! The all purpose cleaner is only $22 wholesale for one small bottle and it does it all!! 14 30 oz spray bottles for $22, yes please! Windows, mirrors, floors (yes, even our hardwoods), counters, bathrooms, grout, laundry …and the list goes on!! If you buy the Thieves premium starter kit with membership you can get not one, but TWO of the cleaners PLUS a whole host of Thieves products: a 15 ml Thieves cleaner, mouthwash, toothpaste, 2 hand sanitizers, 2 sprays, 2 foaming hand soaps a 5 ml stress away, 2 ningxia red pouches, and 10 small sample sachets of five different oils. It is an awesome way to get started but for what most Americans spend in ONE YEAR to clean surfaces ($155) you would be spending and getting enough Thieves cleaner concentrate for a year PLUS all the other goodies!! No need to buy cleaners or stain remover any more! You will have what you need for the year to clean PLUS all the extra goodies!!

thieves kit.jpg logoAll this for only $160 plus tax and shipping? YES. Isn’t that amazing? This Thieves box would come to your door giving you MANY options for back to school!!!! Ditch and switch to Thieves at the start of this school year and I know you will be glad you did! Click here to start a wholesale membership with Thieves that will allow you to purchase at 24% off when you get ready to order again!! Part three in the Back to School series will cover the next part of our journey…Ningxia Red!! Stay tuned!!!

If you haven’t read Part One yet…click HERE. 


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Be prepared to rise to the top of the class with the REAL essentials you need to not just survive but THRIVE this upcoming school year!!!! Learn more at homesteadonthehill.org/backtoschoolinabox

Be prepared to rise to the top of the class with the REAL essentials you need to not just survive but THRIVE this upcoming school year!!!! Learn more at homesteadonthehill.org/backtoschoolinabox


It’s that time of year again! Can you believe it? How will you make sure that you have all the essentials you REALLY need for a good start to the school year? I mean, there are lots of ways to spend back to school cash. And we all do! The way I see it, the kids don’t NEED designer clothing from a trunk sale but they DO need to stay above the wellness line so they can have a happy, successful year. And don’t forget about yourself and your spouse because if mama and deddy ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. After all, we have to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first, right?

Summer time is full of sunshine and vitamin d, fresh, juicy, ripe veggies and fruit. Long walks or swims, and maybe even a nap in the hammock. It’s not hard to see why so many enjoy wellness during this time of year. Summer time and the livin’ is easy…right? When Summer abruptly comes to a screeching halt overnight and it’s back to the fast paced grind, this entails:

7-9 hours of indoor time at a desk or table (yep, counting homework and meals).

The stress of having to arrive on time all over this green earth, sometimes needed in two places at the same time, without being late.

The trade off of healthy freshly harvested foods for boxed, packaged, faster and more convenient meals.

With all this comes the arrival of… you guessed it…the tip of the wellnessburg. No one wants to hang out on the tip of anything.  It’s time to continue that healthy summer lifestyle with a game plan of good nutrition full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and supplements, proper rest, less stressful moments, and as much outdoor exercise as possible. It’s time to THRIVE and not just survive in your upcoming school year!! This is the first in a series on how you can do just that!

Any step forward is a good step

Yep!! It really doesn’t have to mean that you start everything at once!! All you need to do is start!! It doesn’t matter how you start, just start. I promise on down the road you will be so glad you did!! In the next couple blog posts, we are going to explore what that would look like in a step by step easy peasy way!! I will share with you our wellness journey, as well as many tried and true back to school essentials you need to have in your Young Living monthly Lifestyle Box. 

lifestyle in a box

What’s that? Oh snap! Sometimes I forget everyone isn’t already a wholesale member of the BEST health and wellness company in the world!! Young Living is a billion dollar company that has been around over two decades and has stood the test of time with impeccable reputation of holding true to their Seed to Seal guarantee. They have their own farms and partner farms all over the world, many of which my family and I have visited and they have the best, most trusted sources when needed outside those farms. They test internally and externally and they refuse oils and materials that don’t meet their STRICT specifications. In fact, there are out of stock items that many of us would order in a heart beat, but they refuse to compromise just to sell!! HATS OFF to a company this day in time with integrity, generosity, and purpose!!!! The Young Living Foundation has causes all over the world it supports and they give 100% of members donations straight back out to where it is needed most!

Speaking of generous…there are all kinds of  ways you can earn back free products from Young Living just by becoming a member and then by signing up for their optional monthly lifestyle box called Essential Rewards!! Have you heard of “Stitch Fix” or Birch Box? Essential Rewards is Young Living’s version of a monthly box and unlike most companies where you pay so much a month and they choose what to put in your box, with Essential Rewards YOU get to choose what comes in your box!! Think of it as  healthy lifestyle box with a $50 or more investment in the one and only vehicle you will drive until you die! YOU! We take care of our cars, why do we have qualms about taking care of daily maintenance of our own bodies? Each month YOU choose oils and products that help YOU on your  journey and YL rewards you with FREE oils and products of your choice after you have accrued enough points to redeem for freebies!! Not only that but because they are so generous, if you spend $190, $250 or $300 on products that you were already going to buy somewhere else and need, they are going to include in your box even more free oils/products!! Just for reaching those price points!

WHAT?! YES!!! So, you could earn 10-20% back in points on what you spend (depends on how many consecutive months you are on the program) AND if you reach the promo price points you have EVEN MORE FREEBIES!!!!!!! I know you are looking for something to help you achieve those goals in your diet, sleep, exercise, and kids health and THIS box is the answer!!!!!!!!! CLICK HERE if you are brand new to Young Living, and would like a no strings attached 10 minute chat to learn more about how you can get started with your own member box today AND gain the most up to date knowledge of what back to school essentials YOU REALLY NEED to make this year a success!! A to Z… Young Living has what you need!!! Let’s go back to the start!!!


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